Career Summary Viewer: Mr Thomas Francis  Shaxson

Personal Information
Title: Mr TAA Member No: 812
Forenames: Thomas Francis Year of Birth: 25 May 1933
Surname: Shaxson Email Address:
Honours/Award: - OBE (UK). - Hugh Hammond Bennett Award (USA)).    

University Qualification & Completion Year

1955 Wye College, Univ. London, UK BSc Hons.II+, Agriculture
1956 Cornell Univ. USA MS Agronomy
1958 Imp. Coll. Tropical Agric. Trinidad Dip. Tropical Agriculture.

Career Summary
1958-62: Soil Conservation Officer, Nyasaland Govt. C.Africa.
1962-68: Research Agronomist, Tear Research Fdn. of C. Africa, Malawi.
1968-76: Principal land Husbandry Officer, Malawi Govt.
1976-80: Corps. of Specialists, Overseas Devt. Admin of UK Govt: JNKVV University., Indore, India.
1980-88: FAO/UN Technical Co-operation Officer in Land Husbandry, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil
1990-98: Consultancies in Land Husbandry for a range of overseas Govts. in Asia, Africa, Latin America.

Ongoing interest in, and publications concerning, land husbandry, soil & water conservation.


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