Career Summary Viewer: Mr Ian Alexander  Martin

Personal Information
Title: Mr TAA Member No: 1499
Forenames: Ian Alexander Year of Birth: 1947
Surname: Martin Email Address:

University Qualification & Completion Year

1971 University of Bath. B.Sc.(Upper Second) Horticulture

Career Summary
Horticulturist/Agronomist: research, planning, implementation and extension training in small and medium scale irrigation and dry land projects, especially in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. A wide range of crops including domestication and use of wild plants. Issues surrounding food security and self- sufficiency.

Currently: Technical Advisor for the Eden Project on an ?as needed? basis.

July 2008-March 2013: Curator in the Eden Knowledge Team, I hosted visits from specialised groups and individuals - mostly those from botanical gardens, universities, and agricultural research institutions. I represent Eden at various conferences and presentations, such as in South Korea, and a development initiative in The Maldives. Outside the Eden Project I also worked on development projects in Italy, Namibia, and South Africa etc which included work with using 'Seawater Greenhouses' TM technology, and investigating the potential for micro-algae production. Organised seminars and conferences, e.g. the 2013 conference of the Society for Economic Botany

Oct 2002 - June 2008 : Curator for Arid and Semi-arid Regions, Eden Project.
The work consisted of planning for a 'semi-arid biome' at the Eden Project with cultivation and trials of ?2,000 species including crop plants (biome pending), along with strengthening ties with international agricultural research institutions and study trips to India, Costa Rica, Morocco, Chile, Tunisia, SW USA, Australia. Attended the UNESCO Drylands Conference in Tunisia
Mar 1996-Oct 2002 : Nursery Curator for the Eden Project to produce the bulk of the plants for the three ?biomes? (Tropical Rainforest, Winter Rainfall, and Temperate climates) 

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