Career Summary Viewer: Mr Alan Richard Andrew  Stapleton

Personal Information
Title: Mr TAA Member No: 851
Forenames: Alan Richard Andrew Year of Birth: 1952
Surname: Stapleton Email Address:
Honours/Award: Fellow, Institute of Professional Soil Scientists    

University Qualification & Completion Year

1981 Utah State University, USA MS Soil Science & Biometeorology
1973 University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne BSc (Hons) Soil Science

Career Summary
I began working life working on farms in England and France in 1970 and 1971 and led the 1972 Newcastle University Expedition to Senegal.
I joined Hunting Technical Services Ltd (HTS) in 1973, initially as a technician in the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory and subsequently as a soil surveyor, on the Middle Awash Irrigation Feasibility Study in Ethiopia.
Subsequently I worked with many of the leading field scientists and engineers of the time on similar projects in Nigeria, Indonesia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, after which I went back to school, working as a research assistant on irrigated field trails at Utah Agricultural Research Station and completing an MS by research in soil physics and simulation of crop water and nitrogen use under varying climatic conditions.
Immediately after this and initially still with HTS on the World Bank funded Left Bank Outfall Drain Project in Pakistan I began the major focus of my early career which was on ameliorating soil phyical conditions limiting irrigation (including by rainwater), drainage and salt affected soil reclamation. I returned to Pakistan many times through the 1980s and early 1990s working both on development projects, and in government research institutions at the Provincial and Federal level and over the same time had similar roles either with HTS or for other companies as an Independent consultant In Libya, Oman, Bangladesh, India and Indonesia.
After leaving HTS (for a while) in 1983 to work at the National College of Agricultural Engineering (now Cranfield University) I taught a postgraduate soil plant water relationships course and developed an irrigation scheduling service for East of England potato growers. In 1985 I finally managed to settle down for three years with my family at Mount Makulu in Zambia working in Government Service funded by NORAD linking soil survey with a Soil Productivity Research Programme by developing a soil physics research capacity. Subsequently work I worked as an independent consultant on improving farmers soil fertility levels and preventing soil degradation in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and on an IFAD mission in Jordan and more recently (1999-2000) supporting government services in Kenya (EU funded).
I have continued to do soil survey work for example on the Jordan Soil Map and Land Use Project and from 2011-12 I carried out soil surveys of two counties in Ireland (Sligo and Donegal) for Teagasc the Irish Agriculture and Food Organisation and have completed a number of local geoheritage guides in Devon. I am now based in Cornwall and manage a small equestrian holding. I am working through local landowners and catchment partnerships on soil management for natural flood management, am establishing local geodiversity sites for soils and carry out conservation work to improve habitat for the marsh fritillary butterfly. I am author of several technical papers relating to soils research, soil survey reports and local geoheritage.

Last Updated: 10/10/2017